Sunday, May 21, 2017

Maybelline Sensational Lucious Mascara Review

Pass. Straight forward review. Pass on this mascara.
I wanted to try this out since its so popular online but I accidentally got the Lucious one instead of the original pink tube one. My lose. Cost 9 dollars and some change.

Here are the pics so you can see for yourselves.

The first attempt with my right eye came out ok. Not much length added. Had to keep curling so they could curl. 2 layers.

Left eye was a disaster! You literaly have to time applying the next coat or it becomes extremly clumpy. And if its too dry forget trying to separate them. The wand sucks!

This formula doesn't really dry like most mascaras do. I felt my lashes an hour later and they still felt goopy.
The weight of the formula takes the curl out and lashes look flat and straight.

Pass. Save yourself some money!
Covergirl original Lash Blast is still my holy drug store mascara grail.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combo Warm Golden Review

I always go back and forth with this foundation and honestly I am yet to find the right shade.
I'm normally nc35 in MAC or W4 in L'oreal True Match, but having said that Revlon's shades are hard to pin to undertone.
A while back I'd tried shade Early Tan and it was too beige.
Yesterday I bought Warm Golden after hearing youtubers claiming it's a match for NC35. Wrong. Tried it today in natural light.
On the back of my hand I could see the beige but not yellow undertone. After blending it's obviously too light.
Like wtf. It's not cheap either.
At CVS it cost me 14 dollars and some change. For a drugstore foundation, that's nuts!
When I bought this foundation a couple years back for the first time it was only 6 dollars at Walmart.
Talk about price hike!
But besides the point.
I got the SPF free one without a pump and not the soft plex formula.

(Shade Warm Golden)

(For your guys amusement, the fact that it's way too light for me, with flash😂)

(Even with bronzer it's still too light, with flash)

(Without flash, it looks soft and nice but still obviously not my right shade)

Bummer, total fail.

Love the coverage and formula but still have not found the right shade in the Colorstay 😐

Monday, May 15, 2017

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless 220 Review pt 2

After my fail with L'oreal True Match I went back to give the Maybelline Fit Me a second chance.
This time I picked up shade 220 from the matte and poreless line.
It's equivalent to MAC's nc30/35.
I went off a youtubers recommendation for what shade they wear.
This shade is a bit lighter than my color complexion, and know during summer this shade will be way too light when I'm tanner.
As of right now during spring it's still an ok shade with some light bronzer to darken it a little.

(Natural lighting. No primer, with translucent setting powder. And yeah my skin is dry😣 right now even though I have super oily skin)

In natural lighting you can't tell that the shade isn't a true match, but with flash it's super obvious.

At 7 dollars a bottle(cvs) It's not bad in price range at all. Color match isn't too bad. Staying power was a good 6 hrs. Blotted my face after and there was slight transfer but the foundation still looked ok.
As of right I do recommend it.

I'll continue to use and will update review.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

L'oreal True Match Foundation Review Oily Skin UPDATE

Yeah I know I'm late to the game as far as trying this foundation goes, since it's been out for a while now.
Still on my mission of finding an affordable foundation with my skin type...
Went to CVS and bought the L'oreal True Match foundation in W4. I literally went over so many reviews and youtube videos just to make sure I wasn't wasting time and money on this if it didn't work out.
Everyone swears by it and the color match for MAC Studio Fix in NC35 is W4.
I'm starting to notice that drugstore brands don't have pumps on their foundations.
Oh well.
It cost me 12 dollars and some change.

I poured a small amount on the back of my hand to see the consistency of the fluid. It's thin but not watery.
As I applied it to my face I saw that it didn't dry right away, which gave me time to blend it out evenly on all my entire face.
It dried semi-matte. I didn't add setting powder to it but felt like I didn't need to.

(No flash, natural light)

Like I said no setting powder and no primer. I really like the outcome! Matches my skintone really well, and evens out my skintone. I don't have too many issues with my skin other than oily and enlarged pores. This foundation looks natural and does its job.

Tip- exfoliate before applying and moisturize. I didn't do.either and you can see the dry patches on me. And the older I get the more drier my skin is on certain parts of my face😅

With flash there is a slight white cast because of the SPF.

Final note- I like it! I think it's better than the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation(Matte formula).

UPDATE- The first hour of wearing it stayed matte and true to shade. After a while it oxidized orange when my natural oils seeped through.
And at about 4 hrs my skin looked super oily. That was with primer and setting powder.

There is definitely better stuff out there. Still trying out new drug store brands.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 128 Review UPDATE

Alright ladies I went on a massive drugstore foundation reviews tangent online while I was in the store.
Review after review of DS foundations kept telling me to stay away from every single "cheap" brand sold.
I almost gave up.
I mean come on, I like high end foundations that live up to their expectations!
$39 bucks, sure why not?! If it looks hell'a good on me and is full coverage! Take ma' money!!!🤑
Well, not really. It does add up and I'm tired of giving away my money to HE companies.
My holy grail foundation was discontinued simply because they didn't advertise it enough. And...drum roll...they came out with a different line all together. Thanks MAC!😐
So here I was at Cvs tonight looking up reviews for a decent DS brand to replace my old foundation.
I lastly look at Maybelline's line Fit Me Matte Poreless. Matched myself to the closest beige with warm undertones.
Ended up getting Soft Tan 128. In winter I'm nc35, summer nc40.

Tried out tonight so in a way this is a first impression review.
So far I'm really liking the results! I paid 8 dollars and some change, I don't feel ripped off because I wanted to try something new for once!
The coverage is light to medium. Very natural looking, almost as nice as a good bb cream. Dries matte with slight almost non shine from my oily skin. I added my translucent setting powder over it and I'm very impressed!
Now keep in mind I don't really have discoloration or anything too much to want to cover other than even my skintone and mattify my skin- which it did both🤗
So yeah I'm happy🙂

Here's the results with no filters or blurring. With flash and indoors. I really also like the color match!

Tip- if you already own setting powder pass on the matching powder. Keeps the cost down.

UPDATE- 128 shade was too orangy and a tad bit too dark for me. Went and got shade 220. That review is at the top of my blog.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

MAC Studio Tech Compact Foundation Review

I went into MAC and accidentally bought this Studio Tech Foundation compact thinking it was my beloved Pro Longwear Compact (that last night I found is discontinued 😭).
Got matched to NC35 which looks like a perfect match to my skintone. Was stoked and couldn't wait to take it home and try it out for a whole days wear in the future.
First day trying it I opened the foil off the foundation that keeps it fresh

On first impression I thought ok I'll just use my sponge to apply it like I did with my prior compact.
Let me just say this foundation is super greasy! I'm talking like wet lotion being slathered on your face. It just slide right on, did not have to try hard to apply it.
I don't like applying a setting powder the first couple times I'm trying a new foundation. I do it to see how well it does on its own.
MAC online claims that it's for all skin types. Nope.
PASS if you have oily skin!!!
Here's a picture of me only after 2 hours of wear. I look shiny, greasy, and streaky.

(Don't mind the crazy eye🙄)

Unedited, no filter, and in natural light. If I'm paying $35 for a foundation that claims is for all skin types and makes your skin look worse what is the point? Returning asap. 
MAC bring back the Pro Longwear Compact. That formula actually worked 10 times better than this formula!