Friday, January 12, 2018

Foundation Loreal True Match Honest Review

I have been using the True Match in W4 for about a couple months now. The match is really nice, but it does oxide after a couple of hours. Light coverage with freckles peeking through. In MAC I'm an NC35.
It made my pores look bigger and my face looked greasy after 2 hours wear.
A huge let down was that an ingredient inside of it was giving me an allergic reaction. Not the first Loreal products to do this to me.
The BB creme gave me the same issue. My eyes would get watery half way through the day and itchy while wearing it.
Have never had that issue with my MAC foundations.
Maybe while my skin got greasy through a normal days wear the makeup was getting onto my tear ducts? Very odd.
So I've stopped wearing this. It was about 12 dollars at CVS with a coupon.

Mascara- Covergirl Lash Blast Original

It's a big orange mascara tube you can't miss in your makeup drawer or makeup bag.
I have been using it off and on for about 5 years and it's always my go to mascara.
Fads of different mascaras come and go but CoverGirl Lash Blast Original formula is still the best in my opinion.
With a coupon you can usually get it for about 5 dollars at any given drugstore
The unique thick prickled brush separates and longates each lash while adding thickness. How many mascara can you say does that all in one?
My only complaint about Lash Blast is how hard your lashes feel afterwards, but I'm ok with that in comparison to the results🙂
If you haven't tried it I highly recommend👍
Pictures coming tomorrow!

Kat Von D Basketcase Eyeliner Honest Review

Walked into my local Sephora to see what the hype is all about🤔 this Billy Joe Armstrong's collab with Kat Von D.
I got the sample liner and swatched it in store.
Someone who's really into makeup knows a pigmented black eyeshadow or eyeliner are hard to come by from any brand.
So I swatched it. It's greasy in consistency and not very pigmented. Did I mention it's 20 dollars?
It's a thick not so pointed tip, meant to be smudged.
I did not like it. Am I the only one who doesn't?
All these makeup "gurus" swear by it but in person it was a let down. Glad I went in instead of ordering it online with the first release batch.
Pictures coming tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

HALLOWEEN HAUL YouTube Vlog 2017

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And Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

LULAROE Disney Leggings Review and Tips

Here's my opinions and thoughts on LulaRoe leggings as a first time buyer-

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