Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween 5k Race

I got to run a Halloween 5k this weekend in Whittier. Runners got the chance to dress up in costumes for a chance to win awards.

(My costume, tribute to Jack Skellington)

I didn't win any awards other than the medal itself that was handed out to all the runners.
I was hoping to place atleast 3rd in my age division but I didn't.
I was surprised to discover that your literally running up a hill half of the run. So for about a mile and a half I was dragging myself to just try to get to a mile mark. It was brutal but somehow I finished at about 38 minutes. Will I ever run it again? Probably not. I really dislike running hills, period.

(The tasty breakfast)

It was a family friendly atmosphere though and I did enjoy that aspect of it.
After the race they served the runners a pancake breakfast. That was fun too.
Here are some of my favorite costume prize winners.

Here's the link incase anyone's interested for next year.

Whittier 5k

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