Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trinket Liquid Lipstick by Sugarpill

I have been a fallower of the creator of Sugarpill for a long time!!! Since Amy used to sell her clothes on eBay that she tailored and made. Super creative and beautiful indeed she is!
I have been wanting her Sugarpill eyeshadows forever, but have not bought any yet🙁 dunno why, just haven't.
There's been all this hype about her liquid lipstick in the color Trinket. It's now on it's 3rd batch and from what I've heard two of the batches are a bit different from each other. I wouldn't know since I just bought it 2 wks back when I was emailed that it was restocked for the 3rd batch. Jumped on it and bought it! Here's my review on it-

Loved the outer packaging and the free sticker is super cute.

Didn't get the cute cartoon on the tube like the first batch sadly but still cute.

Swatch on my hand. I'm NC40 in MAC. Early Tan in Colorstay.

Without flash you can see the beautiful gold glitter on it once it's dried.

With flash on the color looks very washed out and does not compliment my skintone at all. I kinda don't like it on me. It's one of those shades that looks good on fair girls with pink undertones and not warm.undertones. I don't want to mess with the formula but  I kinda want to add a little coral liquid lipstick to warm it up.

Final thoughts-
Not worth 20 bucks. Doesn't look good on my skin tone. Awesome staying formula with cool glitter but not digging the mauviness, not warm.enough for me.

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