Saturday, June 13, 2015

Disneyland's 60th Anniversary, Some of the Amazing Merch

The official 60th anniversary isn't until July 17 but since Disneyland has been setting up leading to this date since the beginning of the year they had began the celebration by decorating the castle and finally by bringing out the amazing new fireworks display alongside the new "Paint the Night" parade on May 22.
Sadly I did not have a camera at hand when I did see the parade and fireworks on a different date recently to show you guys :(

But, they also did not skimp on the merchandise, which is what they really have become known for. They released some of the merch the wednesday before their 24 hour event.
Here are some pictures of the stuff I liked in some of their shops throughout the park the first day that they were released and some of the ones I ended up buying myself :)

I did not attend this years 24 hour event, nor did I want to since I did get to go the the first 24 hr event on Leap Year 3 years back. Heres the link to that blog post

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