Thursday, January 22, 2015

Running My First 5K Race- CoasterRun

I started running about 3 months back after being inspired by seeing my husband do his first 5K back in August of last year. 
I wasn't in my best shape and since I had just given birth to our daughter I still had the baby weight. 
I didn't even think I had it in me. I started running and weighing 165 pounds.
My first run was half a mile and I ran it in a little over 8 minutes. 
It felt strange, running at first. My legs felt heavy like I couldn't lift them and I felt like I was dragging the rest of my body along. I had never felt this way in life. I almost thought for a minute I might need physical therapy. The feeling I felt was surreal. Like it wasn't my body and I wasn't in control of how I was moving it.
Around my third week of running half a mile, twice a week, I injured my knee. Something I didn't know at the time is that you need a really good pair of running shoes. If your feet have arches you will need support. The rest of your body posture changes as well.
So yeah, my knee gave out and I had to stop for 2 weeks and let my knee recover.
My husband felt bad for me since he was seeing that I was getting serious about wanting to run and ordered me my first pair of running shoes online.
After the 2nd week of recovery I was hesitant about starting up my running  but knew I had to continue where I left off. We started a new running routine closer to home and soon my half mile went down from 8 minutes to 6 minutes and a half rounded off.
I weighed myself around this time again and had dropped 12 pounds. Weighed 150 from a 165 pounds.
About a month ago I upped my routine to a mile and ran it in about 13 minutes. Missed a week in the middle of the month but continued that fallowing week.
Now, as of this past week, I ran two miles in 26 minutes.
Yes, 2 miles. I shocked even my husband. He actually admitted to me that he didn't think I had it in me. By which I felt a tad bit insulted.
Well, he felt kind of bad that he hadn't believed in me because he ended up signing me up to my first 5K Coaster Run.
Here's the races official page- 
If you guys would like to help donate for the cause here's the link (all proceeds go to the Speech and Language Development Center in Buena Park)
I had the intention of looking into it and maybe considering doing it but I guess now I have no choice but to run it. Thanks husband!
Now my training continues. The Coaster Run is in March. Will update as my progress continues.

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