Saturday, January 10, 2015

SEPHORA Los Cabos Bronzer Review

In my last journey I mentioned I was getting into contouring and bought a couple of matte bronzers. This is one of them, SEPHORA'S Bronzer in shade Los Cabos ($17). Brown and warm undertoned. The number one reason I got this is because it's matte. Oily skinned gals I highly recommend this.
I got this due in part to the sales girl at Sephora who was incredibly helpful and patient with me.
                            (Me wearing the bronzer for about 6 hours, hence my oily forehead)
She had mentioned that this was a dupe for Benifits Hoola ($28). They had ran out of Benifits bronzer so I took the chance and bought the Sephora one, my wallet thanked me later. The only concern I have for myself is that it's a hair lighter then I was anticipating. Meaning whens it's winter (like it is now) it'll look good but once I tan it won't show as well during spring/summer. I am NC40 and Revon's early tan during the fall/winter, for reference.

If your a darker tone I would suggest going with a darker shade.
I do like that it's compact and comes with a good sized mirror that I use all the time while I'm getting ready.
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