Saturday, August 1, 2015

Awesome 80's Run 2015 Pasadena Rose Bowl 5K

Well I kept my word from last year claiming I would run this year. 
I ran the 5k at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on the 18th of this past July. For the first time since the event has been held they added a 10k this year and the runners now wore chips to accurately track their running times.
Most of this was new to me, since I did not run last years race, but my husband and his brother did. He explained the differences to me.
Of course part of the fun is getting to dress up :) No tutu for me, thanks. Lol. If you're a runner and have ran a few races you know what I mean.
This year's theme was Back to the Future. Almost everyone dressed to the T in their 80's attire, while the DJ blasted some good 80's new wave jams.
The turnout was a bit bigger than last years that's for sure. 
This marked the first race me and my husband got to run together.
The first of the runners were the 10k runners ahead of us. A few minutes later the 5k runners took off. My husband being in the front of the 5k crowd. Me being somewhere in the middle. 
I kinda regretted not being in the front because people in the middle were walking and barely gaining speed while trying to run. I feel like I  lost a good five minute start.
(I'll be uploading some of the footage I took of the race in a few days)
About 2/3 of the way, maybe like a mile left, it started sprinkling. I was getting the chills while I ran but I made it to the end. By then it started pouring. Yeah, full on rain and thunder storm in the middle of July. 
What a day! Sadly because of the rain I wasn't able to capture any more pictures after that. We had to take off or get drenched. Bummer on that part.
My time was not my best either at about 40 minutes but I tried. I was not training for this race hard enough due to some circumstances but atleast I can say I ran it (;
If you're interested in this running event here's their web page for more info -

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