Saturday, September 19, 2015

Splat Hair Dye Review First Impressions part 1

It's been almost a month since I last dyed my hair. Roots are about an inch long, yes my hair does grow out that fast. I decided to try a new dye brand that I have seen in the past but never cared to buy before- Splat Hair Dye. It's a kit meant for dark haired people who want to get bright hair color results. In simple hair terms, you bleach your hair first and then you put dye in it once it dries after the first hair process. So your pretty much paying for 2 things in one box- sweet deal! Cost me 11 bucks.
I looked at the different colors that they carry, atleast at my local CVS and went with the Crimson red shade. It's a dark blood like color.
Thought about the torqouise dye one at first but realized the color was way to bright for my taste and I know I would be getting too much unwanted attention from strangers.
Dark Auburn has always suited my skin tone better anyways so I stuck to reds.
Like I mentioned before it comes with the bleach powder and peroxide, which is the first step. Having dyed my hair Auburn prior to this time the lower half of my hair was already lighter and faded.
After an hour with the bleach in my hair it turned an orange brassy color. It is not close to a blonde desired in anyway nor what the box claims that you should have it in order for the dye to be the true color. Afterwards I washed it with a purple shampoo which did nothing to the brassy color. (The black longer layer is intentional)
We shall see what the results will be with the 2nd step.

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