Sunday, September 20, 2015

Splat Hair Dye Crimson Obsession Review Part 2

2nd day with the 2nd step of dying the hair. Just finished washing the actual red dye out. Feeling sort of pissed. This dye gets on everything and stains. Yes, I'm aware the box states this but fudge it got everywhere! There is no 3 second rule to remove the dye before it stains, it will f'n stain!
If you have a white bathroom be very cautious, or even better forget it. It stained my hands bad :( The box only includes one pair of gloves which I'd used for the bleaching part, in the part 1 blog below. Be ready to have to buy extra gloves cause the dye is insanely messy, no joke.
I'm letting my hair dry right now...
Update- Day 3.
After staining my white bathroom sink counter and my hands the dye eventually does fade and cleanup. It was still a pain to deal with and I have not experienced this with other hair dye brands.
Here are the results for Crimson Obsession hair dye (top crown layer was the bleached part, and the dyed part)-
It's alot lighter then the box picture. I was expecting something darker like a black cherry red.
Just getting used to the brightness of it. It's more like a little mermaid red.
Another downside to this dye is that you can't really wet your hair while your styling it because the dye starts running and again getting on everything.
I like the outcome as of now but can't truly recommend it. The whole process is too much a hassle.

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