Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leap Year 2012

I normally wouldn't plan any special event to celebrate this occasion on the calender since it really has no real importance in my life. To be honest I had completely forgotten what Leap year was. The only reason I was even reminded is when I logged onto my facebook and one of my friends on there commented about Disneyland being open for 24 hours. WTH? So I thought to myself they must be full of it and are lying or there really is something going on and I was not aware about it.
Turns out they were telling the truth and I had no idea it was going to really happen. I guess Disneyland was celebrating and allowing the park to run 24 hours like a normal day would but all the way through the night until 6 a.m. the next day after leap day. This, to me, was history in the making. What if they decided never to do this event again. I had to go. I went there with a friend and her sister. We got there a little after nine at night. We didn't get to the parking structure till after ten. Yeah, parking was insane all the way to the street. Cars were so jammed up that cops had to keep escorting cars to get by.
Eventually we made our way to the gates only to discover a huge line from California Adventure all the way leading to the front Disneyland gates. We had waited in traffic that long why not wait in these lines too? Hell, we were waiting for over an hour and a half! Our patience running low we finally ditched the line and headed to IHOP across the street to go eat.
Afterwards we walked back. The line was almost all the way in and very short. We quickly jetted in line to get in. Thank goodness! Yay, we got in! By the time we entered it was 15 after one in the morning. We rushed in to get in line to Indiana Jones- which was not as easy as I write but I'm cutting this short in details because it was crazy packed inside. The wait- over 2 hours. Yes, for one stink'n ride. Well worth it once we got on it but still 2 freak'n hours!? I could've gone on 5 rides in that time on a regular weekday!
Oh well, all for a Leap Year's experience in the most Magical Place on Earth. I didn't get home till almost five a.m. Thats the latest I've been out since my early 20's. Fun times!

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