Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heading up soon to San Fran

I'm starting to feel a little nervous about our trip heading back up there that's coming up soon. It's not the actual traveling but the idea of being in a city so far away from home. It will not be our first time going and hopefully not our last. We plan on making this our family tradition for the years to come.
I'm starting to make a list of all the things we'll be needing like clothes, accessories, etc. And also, since were driving up there, the thought of being in a car with a 2 year old for 8 hours does not sound fun. And by not being fun I mean it's freaking me out to think that my daughter will be very uncomfortable sitting in a car seat off and on for 8 hours driving to get up to San Francisco :( 
I know it will all be worth it. We'll have a good time, bring back a bunch of souvenirs, take a bunch of pictures of all the neat things we did. I just have to shake off these jitters!
(Right now shes drawling with a pen on my arm as I type)
Our all time favorite thing to do while being there is visiting fisherman's wharf. What tourist isn't guilty of going there? I'm not a local and am not ashamed of admitting I enjoy walking down that strip of overly overpriced made in china souvenir stores. I really hope we can check out china town and japan town this time. We always tend to run short on time when we go there. I want to try their real Chinese food and dumplings- yum!
Will post pictures of our trip later on.

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