Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review (UPDATED 2-6-2016) Pics

As much as I wanted to love this foundation, because of all the great reviews I've read, I don't.
Went into Sephora this past week with the intention of buying the Lock It Tattoo Foundation. I needed to be matched to my shade and wasn't about to just buy one and walk out without knowing what they looked like on me first. At $34 bucks, that ain't cheap, and I'm not coming back to return a trial and error.
They don't make an in between shade that's close to what undertone I am. The darker one (shade 58) had too much beige in it and the lighter one (shade m57) was too orange. Anything below those numbers were too light.
A way to know if it matches you well is to compare it to your neck line after it's on your face. If the foundation blends evenly between both your neck and face it's a good match.
When I tried both colors, one on each side of my face, the foundation sank into my pores! 
No thanks. It's bad enough I have enlarged pores I don't need to accentuate them as well. Of course I had no primer underneath but still I have a rule of thumb that if you need too many products your doing too much to make that one product work for you- so move on.
Sadly, I walked away without my beloved Kat Von D products. Sad face.

UPDATE- Alight ladies it's been too long! Drum roll...I am medium 54 in Kat's Lock It liquid Foundation. I am totally obsessed with the coverage after doing a trial of it for a week in the right shade for me. I'm in love with my new routine. I start off with my lotion Gold Bond Aloe, sort of a sticky but moisturizes lotion, but it's awesome because it doubles as a primer.
Then I dotted the Lock It foundation on my face. With a silicone round sponge I smoothed it on in small circles throughout my entire face. Did it twice for full coverage. I can't stop raving about it! Heres some pictures-

(No filters, natural light. One hr wear)

(Different day. After 5 hrs wear. Direct sunlight, no filters)

Highly recommend this to my oily skinned gals. Just make sure to exfoliate the night before and slather on an oil free lotion before applying this foundation on. I did not need a powder after but light blotting sheets were used once in the after noon.

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