Thursday, October 24, 2013


This year I put together my own costume with some stuff I already had around the house. In total the costume only cost me about $18 dollars rounded out. 

What you'll need if you want to cosplay EMILY THE STRANGE-
*A BLACK wig WITH bangs. (I bought from Wally's World for 6 bucks)
*A BLACK thigh high sleeveless dress. (Bought mine from ROSS for about 12 bucks)
*Mary Jane shoes either in black or white.
*BLACK leggings.
*A BLACK stuffed plush cat.
The makeups super easy. Black eyeliner- liquid and pencil. The lightest foundation you own or white face paint.
If you need a guide for makeup to look at her image here's the Emily the Strange FACEBOOK page-
The wig was a pain but what did I expect from a cheap wig. It was suppose to be straight but came out wavy  from the packaging and the bangs were wonky. I had to trim them to the right length. Everything else I already owned except for the dress. I had to buy one since non of my old ones fit me anymore.
Here's Emilys new music video-

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