Sunday, July 28, 2013


As mentioned before I went on a shopping frenzy a couple weeks back at this awesome new store called BLACKHEART. Very Rock & Roll and edgy. Here's my haul and just to repeat I bought all this stuff with my own money. Check it out-
Awesome black bag with their logo on the front.

The tissue paper with their logo on it, very cute.

Who doesn't need a band shirt for a casual day? The last one in my size, had to get it.

The back of the shirt is cut up in such a way, love it.

I thought the texture of these leggings were interesting. There studs but a plastic material. I'd never seen something like this on leggings.

Needed a new belt :)

In the store I loved this lace babydoll slip. I plan on wearing it with shorts and a top underneath sometime during this summer.

Last thing I got was this sheer lace long sleeve top. What you don't see at first is this-

Added discreetly into the shirt. Very cool indeed (; 

Overall I only spend around $40 dollars and some tax for all this. No joke. They were having a sale this particular week- Take an additional 50% off clearance. Not bad at all. On a regular day had all this not been on clearance I would have spent over $150 bucks! 
So yes, it does pay to be thrifty and shop around. You guys should definitely check this store out. Here's their site- 

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