Monday, July 8, 2013

BLACKHEART Review! Haul Coming Soon!

The Brea mall has the first BLACKHEART store, at least that's what the salesgirl told me, owned by Hot Topic. Like TORRID all three stores have a different customer in mind that they target. BLACKHEART isn't anything new on the market, if anything it's the way Hot Topic used to be back in the 90's.
If anyone remembers that far back that's when goth was still referred to as Gothic and shopping there wasn't mainstream at all.
I remember those times fondly because I was a teen of the 90's and hated grunge. Being somewhat gothicly inclined was the only thing that I gravitated towards back then that made me feel like I was a little different than my peers and how I could express myself. Yup, sounds like any other typical teen sob story "trying" to be different. Lol.
Anyways, this is a review of the actual store! Onwards!
As soon as you walk in the lights are dim. Everythings black, sleek, and modern. Rock music is playing. Theres a slight musky smell to the store. Your greeted by friendly, good looking gals. They of course are dressed to the T in all black apparel themselves. They tell me the specials and then went on with their stocking clothes and chit chatting amongst themselves.
The store itself is about medium size with good space in between each aisle that allows you room to walk around freely. They carry chick clothes only. Sorry guys, I guess your left out on this one.
I got myself quite a lot of clothes that I wanted to try on and one worker noticed right away and started up a fitting room for me. Very helpful considering I had my 3 year old with me.
The fitting rooms are big with large floor to ceiling mirrors. Plenty of hook hangers to put your clothes on.
After my happy hour of shopping I got everything to the counter and paid.
I really like this store and see myself coming here very often. And yes they do sale more then just lingerie! Check out their clearance sale!
To everyone else who can't shop in person here's their website-

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