Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dresslink Honest Review (Wishlist)

My wishlist items were finally in my mailbox on Christmas Eve!
I was super excited since I have never directly ordered clothing from a supplier in China before. (These items were given to me by Dresslink)
It took roughly almost a month to recieve my 2 items.
Upon opening the first item I noticed an odd chemical smell coming from the package. Wasn't sure from which of the 2 at first the smell was coming from. Upon inspection it came from the motorcycle Leather (faux) Jacket. Strange. Almost like a gasoline smell. Had to be the dying process that they use.
I took the Leather Jacket out first, it was neatly packaged in the bubble wrapped envelope it came in.
My first impression was seeing the zipper on the jacket is gold.
I hate gold or any metal plated gold colored items. And the metal buttons that adorn the flaps are silver?
I tried it on and was super glad I got it in size xxL. I normally wear size medium in woman's and Large in juniors.

Dresslink sizes are super tiny, had I picked smaller it would not have fit me at all.
As other reviewers have mentioned on Dresslink's site, this leather jacket is quite thin. Maybe not paper thin but it probably wouldn't keep you warm on a cold night.
The style was a little disappointing when it's zippered because you can see the difference in the color of the mismatched metals. And the cut isn't very flattering if your top heavy. The length is a bit short, so definitely not for someone tall.

However, if I do wear it I will leave it open.
As for my 2nd wish item, the polka dotted blouse, was a little too big on the shoulders. I picked it out in XL and surprisingly it did run true to US sizing. It's too big on me (I'm a medium). Mostly noticeable on the sleeves but the length is nice. It came in a fabric zippered pouch inside the bubble wrapped envelope.

Tried it on as well. It's super cute but I had to pin the sleeves to shorten them. Overall still wearable and cute!

Final verdict- Would I shop from DressLink personally myself with my own money?
Yes, I will.
Prices are super affordable, but it is a hit or miss on sizing. And as long as you don't mind the month long waiting period, it's an ok site to shop from. With that being said don't expect top quality for your buck. It's not designer name brand quality.
If you do consider buying you'll be spending a portion of what a mall chain store charges you for similar clothes and you can actually afford alot more items on Dresslink.
Tip- Their shipping is based on weight. The lighter the item the cheaper shipping will cost.
Those are some of the factors to weigh in on.

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