Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tortilla Jo's in Downtown Disney Review

This is a review for Torilla Jo's. It's located in the center of Downtown Disney right after passing by the tram entrance and trading post if you're coming in through DTD's parking.
What better way to celebrate my birthday than to eat Mexican food!

A tad bit of info DTD now limits your parking to 2 hours or 4 total with validation from a dine in restaurant.
Here are some pics of my food and other things inside.
There is a host that greets at the front.
Some nights there are large lines to get seated. If your coming for dinner make reservations just to be safe (the mistake we made a couple nights before and couldn't get in)

(They start you off with free salsa and chips, quac is extra but they make it in front of you)

The waitress was very attentative. Tip if you have children, bring cash. There's a ballon guy that will expect a cash tip. My husband didn't have much loose cash and the guy completely ignored our second child who was crying for one after he was tipped 2 dollars for the first ballon. (Update: balloon guy is contracted from an outside company)

(The ballon after the head popped:*()

Now for the food, it was ok.
I've had better else where. The tacos were middle of the road for me. Being from Mexican heritage I've had the best from my mom's kitchen, and Torilla Jo's are just ok.
I got the 3 item combo plate. The 3rd item was added at extra charge (shredded pork taco).
My tamale was a little bland and the beef taco wasn't as street taco I was hoping it was going to taste.
The 2nd taco, the shredded pork one was really good! Like El Toro restaurant good! The beans and rice were decent, but you can't really go wrong with those.

(I do recommend the shredded pork tacos meal, that was my fav item there)

(Hubby's plate, he liked his alot! He recommends the sea food enchilada, it has lobster, red snapper, and scallops with a cheese blend)

Would I come back?
Maybe, if I don't have to pay out of my own pocket. I like the 2 mexican restaurants inside the actual parks better. Just my personal taste choice. Your sorta just paying more for ambiance at Torilla Jo's. Tons of good authentic Mexican restaurants in Orange County.
Disneyland wise, it's ok if your outside of the actual park and you happen to be walking in Downtown Disney.
I also got a free dessert for it being my bday, however my husband had to tell them. Even with me wearing a big ass button on my blouse that said IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! LOL 😳😐

(The free dessert for your bday. Request if it's your big day too!)

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