Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Random night post...My Birthday....

My birthday is coming up this week. I have mixed feelings about it.
I'm happy to be alive another year, but I feel kinda old.
Someone complimented me on Halloween who I had not seen in a year.
She said she didn't recognize me at first because I look so different. (I have lost 20 lbs, and died my hair, plus was wearing my seeing glasses that night)
And proceeds to compliment me that I look younger and better every time she sees me.
Odd, I don't feel like I do.
I feel the older I get, the wiser I am, the more I can read into people. Which in turn makes me feel old.
Something the young don't aquire off the bat because their still green lacking experience with life. And don't realize how naive they still are in trusting everyone.
I sometimes miss that. And wish I could have those rose colored glasses that only the youth can hold. And just feel optimistic about everything.
Yes, I'm aware of the two different topics of appearance and internal feelings.
Which goes back to why aging can be somewhat confusing the older you get...

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