Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mac Viva Glam Miley Cirus 2 Dupe for Lady Danger?

I wasn't even aware miley cirus had done a collaboration with Mac until I walked into my local Mac Pro store near me and a makeup artist showed me it. At glance its an orange red.
Very pretty in the tube.
However, I already own Lady Danger. Which is their main orange red in their permanent line. So I thought how is this one any different, as the worker also informs me that it's a matte formula. Really?
In the tube it had a slight sheen to it.
I had to try it. (VIVA GLAM MS 2 is on the left, Lady Danger on the right)

The formula on MS 2 is so much better and easier to apply than Lady Danger. It's creamier and smoother. Lady Danger is super dry and a bit more pigmented than MS 2.
Upon comparison lady danger is a true orange red and for some odd reason the ms 2 has almost like a salmon like (peachy) tone to it. (Left LD, right MS 2) and appears more moist.

A tad different than a true orange red. And believe me, I have been obsessed with bright orange lipsticks for years,
they are hard to come by and find the right shade.
If I had to pick one I would say the MS 2 one is a lot better formulated than the old formula on the Lady Danger one.
If your also able to get your hands on the MS 2 one your also supporting the viva glam program. Here's information on that
UPDATE- After wearing both shades I have to re-adjust my review.
MS 2 feathers out big time, lip liner is a must for it.
(This is MS 2 on me, NC 40 Studio Fix)                                 

I also feel that LD is a truer more pigmented orange red that does not bleed, where as MS 2 lacks both these qualities. (Here's one with me wearing Lady Danger)

So if you
already own LD you don't need this one ladies. Just make sure to moisturize before applying it with lip balm.
Another more affordable orange red is Revlon Coral Red in the black tubes.

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