Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MAC Blunt Review Contouring

In my last stop at MAC I bought Blunt matte blush. This is a scary color for a blush if you're not aware of what this kind of color is intended for. In the pan it is a dark brown color but on the actual skin it has hues of red.
This was a recommendation from a MAC makeup artist.
I asked her what is a good contour product that they carry, and what I mean by contour I mean it looks obvious from miles away that I have cheekbones. lol.
This is what she tried on me. When you're in store they have all the products at hand, so she can blend ten different things, and come up with a whole new shade. Something to keep in mind is to remember there are dupe products you might already own and or can blend to make a certain color.
Afterwards I really liked the results.
She contoured my cheekbones, upper forehead, and my lower jaw line. On top of that she blended a peach blush on the apples of my cheeks. She also used a shimmery bronzer, which I knew I wasn't going to buy. Bronzers are not my thing, or anything shimmery. My skin is too oily for that ish.
I bought the Blunt blush powder and the Pro Longwear Compact.
Will be posting my outcome look and what I do at home to contour soon.

I really like how Kandee Johnson does her contouring in this video. It's very exaggerated makeup but she makes great points and tips clear.

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