Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fake Eyelashes Do Make a HUGE Difference

Fake eyelashes are a must when you go out to a party or are going to be taking pictures. They transform your entire face and make your makeup pop, without them there is a difference. This is my guide to fake eyelashes and what I know, hopefully this helps someone who is just beginning.
1) You'll need a pair of fake lashes. Find the ones that you like and think fit your look the best. Buy eyelash glue. There are a handful of brands that make the glue but find one that dries clear. Liquid eyeliner- whatever  color you prefer or black if you want to go with a classic look. Lastly, an eyelash curler and mascara.
2) Once you finish your usual face makeup continue to your eyes. Do your eye shadow how you normally would. Now put some eyeliner on. If you don't know how I'll post a tutorial for that soon. Then curl your lashes.
3) Take the lashes out from their tray and lightly bend the lashes back and fourth so that the band holding them becomes more flexible and easier to manage. Get the lash glue and squeeze a thin line on the entire lash band. Now wait a couple minute while the glue becomes tacky and not so watery. (If your glue looks white don't worry when it completely dries it should become clear)
4) Take one of the fake eyelashes and if you have tweezers pick them up with them and lightly stick the corner of the lash that's closest to your tear duct. Then the middle and the end corner. Make sure there as close to your natural lash line as possible. Let them completely dry once they look even to you.
5) Curl your real lashes into the fake ones. In other words, how you normally curl them. Doing this will help the lashes mesh into each other even if their super exaggerated lashes you want to give the illusion that their really yours.
6) Apply your normal mascara as usual. Blacks always my go to but use the color that matches either your real eyelashes or the color of the fake ones.
7) Finally liquid eyeliner. Its a good idea to put it on your upper eyelash line to cover any clear glue that might still look obvious. The eyeliner will cover any mistakes from the glue or even if their not completely evenly placed. Do it anyway you want- cat eye, thin, thick. Whatever mood your in and feel like doing it :)

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