Sunday, December 30, 2012

L'oreal MAGIC Skin Beautifier BB Cream Review

About a couple years ago I used to use Rimmel's primer by itself with a light powder over it. There were days where I did not want to wear a full face of makeup when I would be stepping outside of the house for a couple errands, and I wasn't comfortable with a bare face since I have slight discoloration and enlarged pores.
Fast forward 2 years to now, finally the BB cream has crossed overseas! I recently learned what a BB cream is but had no clue what it was less then a month ago. I really wish I could try the original Korean BB creams that were first made and are so highly sought after but since I'm pregnant I can't use "anti-aging" ingredients or skin lighteners.
I did a little research to find out which brands were carrying one and the results kept going back to L'oreals not just by popularity but for function.
For a drugstore brand their BB cream is pretty steep in price. I bought mine for about 12 dollars after taxes. I kept hearing such rave reviews about it that I didn't mind spending the money. Took it home and didn't use it for a couple days.
Then a day came where I really had no time to get ready in the morning and I quickly had to do my makeup. I picked this up and took the shrink wrap off the screw top. Took the top off and my first impression after squeezing a small amount out was- why is this white?
I double checked the squeeze tube and it says medium on it as the shade.
Well it turns out you have to rub these micro beads in the "lotion" that break and then the color appears. Took me a couple applications to get down the right way to apply it.
I use my fingers because the warmth of my hands break the small beads faster and blends it easier. Wash your hands before applying, if you decide to apply it this way, you don't want to get breakouts from the natural oils on your hands or from bactaria.
The only things I don't like about this creme is how watery it first comes out of the tube and you have to use a dime size to cover your whole face. That means I have to buy a new one in maybe less then a month if I use this almost everyday.
I smooth it all over my face as if it was a lotion. In small circles making sure each area is covered well. It dries very matte. Good if you have oily skin but bad if you have dry or combo skin. If you do have some sort of dryness make sure to put a facial lotion on before hand.
I did apply my regular smashbox primer underneath to cover my enlarged pores because the first time I put it on without the primer my pores looked huge in part to the matteness of the bb creme.
The bb creme dries quickly.
The finish product is just as good as a medium coverage foundation. I didnt even need to apply setting powder over it. Color match was good too, mine is in Medium- I'm  an nc35, beige medium with yellow undertones.
Right now its winter and I don't get as oily as I normally get during other seasons but from what I've seen so far is that it stays fairly matte. Atleast 4-5 hours for me.
This a great product for ladies in a rush who really have no time in the morning before they have to be out the door. Or even someone who doesn't like to wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis. I hope L'oreal continues to make this and keeps the formula the same for as long as they continue selling it. Love it! 
(Here's a picture of me after wearing the BB creme for several hours during the day. Still looks quite matte which is rare on me with any product)

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