Friday, December 28, 2012

MakeUp ForEver HD High Definition Powder Review

After owning this for about a month I finally feel like I can review it properly. I bought the travel size one from Sephora for about 18 dollars rounded off after taxes. This isn't a review about the brand Makeup Forever, just of their HD powder. 
The only ingredient in this powder is silica, good for oily skin, bad for your lungs. Just be aware if you use this to do it in a well ventilated area. Since it's so finely milled it's kinda hard not to inhale it. It almost becomes smoke like when you accidentally move to much of it around. In my case I took off the top by accident and some of it spilled. Cute screw top plastic container but not very convenient, similar to the Bare Mineral's containers.
The powder did make my pores appear a lot smaller but it also left a white cast behind. No matter how I applied this with- kabuki brush, powder brush, powder puff- the results still looked chalky. Unless your extremely pale and it won't look noticeable on your skin tone I would pass.
I took HD pictures of myself and there was that dreaded white cast. Almost like flour was thrown on my face in different places more then others. I had to buff out the white patches with my fingers just make the powder dissolve into my foundation. It did let my face stay matte longer then my other powders though. Milk of magnesia does that too though for under 5 bucks.
One of my makeup pet peeves is products that you have to adjust to make work for you. You shouldn't have to do that especially if your paying so much out of pocket. It either works the way it should or pass and find something that does. 
I will be returning this back to Sephora. I might just go into MAC and get their blotting powder. Review coming soon!

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