Friday, June 8, 2012

Perfect Foundation? And Cheap Too? Revlon Colorstay Review (UPDATE)

It's been well over a year that I decided to stop wearing studio fix not because I didn't like it but because I was sick of trying to be matched to the right color in MAC's foundation and every time walking away feeling unsure of me being correctly matched.
This past week I took it upon myself to go back in and see what 5 makeup artists believed to be my "perfect" color number in MAC's studio fix foundation. I didn't initially let each know that I had already been helped so that their opinion was unbiased and they could tell me each their own opinion of what shade they believed I was.
They took their time and each was extremely helpful in their own way. Four of the five actually tried out the foundations on me. From what came from the outcome was that my shade is NC40-42. NC40 is a little bit off by a hair with it being lighter than my actual skin tone. And NC42 has too much golden undertones and made me feel like my face had  gotten more sun than the rest of my body.
Needless to say I didn't buy either of them. I was not about the buy two bottles at almost 30 bucks each just to blend them and make my own match. Great coverage but couldn't shell out the money.
By now your probably scratching your head thinking "wheres the Revlon review"? And that's exactly where I was heading! :P
After doing extensive research online for something close to MAC's studio fix I came across Revlon colorstay and a chart that showed all the dupes in color match for Revlon's foundation. I was thinking- score!!! Not only is Revlon a third of the price but it comes in an oily/combo formula that will not make me breakout since I have  extremely sensitive skin.
On the chart it said that Revlon's golden caramel would be a good match to NC42. I went to my local CVS (pharmacy) and bought a bottle of it. Thank god there was one left on the shelf. Along with a couple other things (review on those items above) I also got.
I used my E.L.F. all over powder brush and in circular motion buffed the foundation (separate review and demo coming soon for the elf brush). I was really happy with the results. My face really did match my neck and  passed the test of when I took a picture of myself with flash. Usually when a foundation doesn't match in pictures it shows. There's plenty of girls at one point or another who go out and take a ton of pictures with their friends but when the pictures come out there's that one girl who looks like her face is paler then her neck. No thanks! (unedited picture with flash on:)

On me it felt thick but not mask like. Since I have oily skin I added a matte powder over the foundation. Half way through the day my makeup was still in place but a little bit dewy. Not greasy oily but a nice subtle dewiness, almost like highlighting was applied intentionally.
I really do recommend it if someone is interested in full coverage liquid foundation to try Revlon's Colorstay. A perfect and cheaper alternative to a higher end foundation!
UPDATE (Jan28,2016)- still holds true! Awesome coverage, stays matte longer than any other drugstore brand foundations.
After an hour of wear-

(No filter, no flash. Shade early Tan)

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