Friday, June 8, 2012

Staples in my Makeup Bag!

Earlier today I got kind'a impulsive and went to my local pharmacy to buy a few things I needed. I always plan ahead of time before I purchase anything, I've always just been that way. However, today I did a quick search of a foundation I was looking into recently and just went for it. No more stalling and waiting to decide. Here's my mini stash purchase:) Revlon Colorstay foundation (golden caramel), Wet & Wild liquid eyeliner (black), and Wet & Wild (970). W&W liquid eyeliner is my favorite affordable liquid eyeliner. Unlike most liquid eyeliners it is not a felt tip applicator, which is why I like it so much. The hair bristles are easier to maneuver when I do my winged eyeliner look. At $2.99 it doesn't get cheaper then that for the quality you get. Stays on all day and dries matte. The w&wild lipstick was a hit or miss purchase. From their new 4hr matte collection. Was never a fan of their lipsticks. I don't like shiny lustre lipsticks which most of w&w's tend to be. So I figured for $1.99, why not? This color was calling me because it was the brightest and most orange of all the lipsticks on their display. Not too shabby! My only complaint is that it feathers really bad. Lip liner is a must for this lipstick. The color was really bright and pigmented on my lips and it covered my naturally pigmented lips. Don't think I would repurchase it but diffidently worth trying out for anyone looking for a nice true coral red.
As for the Revlon Colorstay foundation I did a separate review on the bottom.

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