Thursday, April 5, 2012

Revlon (Orange Red) Lipstick Review

I have a handful of Revlon lipsticks that I have recently purchased. In recent years I had been more of a MAC girl and only bought my lipsticks from them. Only until recently did I start purchasing Revlon. What I've learned is that they've been around since the 30's and added lipstick to their brand in the 40's. Out of all the other drugstore brands I have bought from in the past, I really can say that Revlon's red lipsticks are a true tomato red- depending on what red tone you buy of theirs. So save yourselves some money and substitute a high end one with a drugstore brand one. (Firecrackers on top, Poppysilk is on the left bottom, and Coral on the bottom right)
I have Poppysilk, Coral, and Firecracker (lip gloss). Poppysilk is more of a lustre whereas Coral is a creme. I prefer Coral because it feels smooth on my lips and has a nice subtle colorburst (hence the line it's from). Firecracker is extremely sheer and I will not be wearing it by itself, for a lip gloss that comes from the same line as the Coral lipstick I was a little disappointed by it. If you do like a glossy shine with your lipstick then I highly recommend firecracker over your orange red lipstick. You'll be certain to look like you have shinny jelly red lips!
Another one I've been eyeing lately is Siren. Once I get it and try it I'll blog all about it.

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