Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Who doesn't like to be pampered? Valentine's day is one of the few holidays I actually look forward to celebrating. Dinner and a movie you say? No, just lunch. We didn't have a babysitter. Those are hard to come by when your super picky on who you trust your kid with. I'm not fond of online babysitter searches. Either I know the person before hand in person or forget it. So needless to say we didn't get to go out by ourselves.
We ended up going to a place in Orange called Flappy Jacks. I guess the original ones on highway 66 somewhere in Glendora. Driving up to the parking lot it doesn't look very impressive. It kinda looks like a run down Denny's or something. Also its wedged behind the freeway and in an area you would never think there is a restaurant pit stop. Theres cheap paint on the windows advertising their holiday specials. I instantly thought- great, a hole in the wall and I'm sure the foods going to suck.
Once inside its a completely different story. If you like the 50's or anything from era's gone by, this is the place to eat at! They have an Elvis bust and a James Dean life size statue. I can go on and on about the decorations. The atmosphere inside makes this place. Very cool.
As for the food I recommend sharing a meal. Unless your a man that's over 2oo pounds I really do recommend sharing. The proportions here are huge! I ordered their California burger with onion rings and I could not finish it all. Half a burger later I was stuffed. I was the only one at our table to order a lunch meal where everyone else ordered breakfast. If it's after 11 am I will most likely order lunch. The burger was really good and I really liked the onion rings. Soda was kinda flat though.
Good food, good company.
I had a nice v-day. A bit different from the other years before, but hey I'm a mom now things change. Even with my daughter hanging out with us we had a really good day:)

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