Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Mall Rat

I've been going to the  mall since I was a teen. It was the thing to do 30 years ago as it still is now, and I am not in my 40's if your doing the math. :) If anyone recalls the Ben Affleck movie from the 90's Mallrats. Yup, I was one of those teens. LOL. Today I got to go to one of the malls I was a regular at at one point in my life- The Block of Orange, now known as The Outlet. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that the new name says it all. Way different then it was when I was young back in the hay day, about ten years ago.
A few of the stores are still under construction, while alot of the old ones have left. My favorite photo studio is now gone. Boo! That's where we got all of our family holiday pictures taken, except this years, but that's a story for a another time. It was less crowded than the usual weekend or summer evening. Best time to go is early in the morning to about mid-aftenoon. Right before the kids get out of school. I guess that advice goes for any other mall in the country. 
I didn't have plans to really do any shopping here on this particular day. Nothing really caught my eye either. The good part is I didn't waste any money. So you ask, "what was the point of going to the mall then?" To hangout with a friend! We had a good lunch with a good conversation. Catching up on our weeks since we last saw each other.
The older you get the less materalistic you become, the more meaning relationships have in your life. This time, since my teens, I didn't just go to the mall to try to be cool, or have somewhere to hangout, nor to have a shopping spree. It was to have a great time just being in good company having a good meal while our children chatted away beside us.

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