Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make-up Brushes - E.L.F.

I finally had the chance to go to Target, since I normally go to walmart because it's closer to me, and got to buy some more E.L.F. makeup brushes (don't mind the eyeliners:). The only 2 that caught my eye were the "C" brush which was 3 bucks and the inexpensive $1 eyeshadow brush. Either way their both the "same" purpose brush with a different price tag. The C brush is a tad bit wider and the bristles are synthetic and black where as the dollar brush is maybe real hair? and the handle is white.
Just by looking at them I can tell one's a fail. The dollar one has alot of fall out hairs and when you brush the bristles a weird dust comes off of it. The C brush looks stronger and doesn't have the dusty effect. Since the C brush is wider I'll more than likely be using it for an all over eyelid wash or possibly for blending. The dollar brush I might use for just lid eyeshadow placement.           I also already own their blush brush, which was great for a dollar. The bummer- the target I was at didn't carry this brush- so I couldn't buy a backup. They do have a new bronzer brush though, which did not interest me at all, nor the contour brush that they also started making. Will be uploading pictures of the brushes.

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