Saturday, May 21, 2016

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournaments

If you ever have a chance to visit one I highly recommend it. I got the chance to go to the one in Buena Park recently thanks in part to winning a pair of tickets from last year. We had to use them up before they expired so we made a day out of it!
Best time to go in my opinion is during the week. Less crowds and less tourists. As you walk up they ask you for your confirmation number and name. If you don't have one you can purchase tickets up front, something the reservation phone number doesn't tell you.
Once inside they crown you and you wait around till they open the doors to be seated for the show. While you wait there's a bar for the adults.
I don't want to spoil too much to a first time visitor so I'll just post some pictures.

Awesome decor around the bar/lounge area. Don't be afraid to explore and take pictures.

My delicious dinner. All eaten without utensils! Tomato basil soup, half a chicken, garlic bread, and a potatoe slice. They also include drinks (soda/coffee). At the end of the feast they give an apple turnover.

And of course the show is AMAZING!!! But I won't give out too much details of it. Just be ready to cheer ALOTπŸ˜‰!!

TIP- Bring cash to tip your server.

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