Monday, May 30, 2016

Carnation Cafe Main Street U.S.A Disneyland

One of Walt Disney's favorite restaurants inside of Disneyland, Carnation Cafe has that special touch that only it's creator Walt could've created!
How awesome is that to know your eating at a place that he ate at himself over 50 years ago?!

We got the chance to dine on a random Monday evening. Luckily I checked reservations on their phone app which allowed me to secure a spot and we were able to check in within an hour. 
When we got to Carnation Cafe, needless to say, they were turning people away who did not have reservations. 
(I highly recommend getting the official Disneyland app from the apple or play store. It can be a life saver while your at the park.)
They ended up seating us outside which is amazing because if you time it just right you get to watch the parade while eating. And, if so, I suggest reservations for the 7:30 spot.
I was expecting a much bigger menu but instead recieved a much smaller and simpler one page.
I went with the Meatloaf meal which consists of mashed potatoes with a mushroom gravy, seasoned veggies, and a bread roll. 
This was Walts favorite meal at the park. And let me tell you guys I now know why and I agree with him:)
The meatloaf's meat is moist and well seasoned. The ketchup on the outside adds sweetness to the hardy bold meat taste. And the mushroom gravy gives it that salty savory taste that mixes so well when dipped in it.

Dang guys, it was good!!!
As for my husband he went with the Veggie Burger. He said it was just "ok". 
I had to take a bite and try it out. Honestly, it's the worst veggie burger I have ever tried. Really mushy and bland.

If your vegetarian and have no other choice but to eat something inside the park do it but it tasted bland in my opinion. All bean flavor with no texture and little seasoning. My daughter got the boneless chicken kid's meal. Pretty much a chicken tender with mashed potatoes and broccoli. She loved it!
It's the same recipe as the Plaza Inn, which we frequent.

I highly recommend Carnation Cafe but mainly for the Meatloaf meal. All the other items can be found throughout other parts of the park.
Thanks for stopping by and reading:)x

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