Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swap meet = Cheap Deals!!!

If you live in California and haven't been to the swap meet in your life -ever- you have not lived in California long enough or theres something wrong with you. Lol! Its one of those timeless hobbies that one acquires over time by being taken there as a kid by their parents, instead of having a typical weekend fun filled day of going to the beach or park. Yeah, I was one of the those kids, a "swap meet kid". When I get the chance to go I jump on the bandwagon. Who doesn't like a cheap deal?
Vintage galore, Nick-knacks, house ware items, dollar deals!!! Oh yeah, the list goes on and on. It can be a pain going through every stand in every aisle but in the end its the treasure you find that makes it worth while.
I got to go earlier today, which was nice since we can no longer really take Saturdays off due to the hubby's work schedule. Got there a lot later than we normally do but the majority of the stands were still up. There were a few new stands I hadn't seen before which were interesting to go through. The only one vendor that I was hoping would be there wasn't. Darn. She sells some of the best vintage jewelry I've seen at a swap meet and dirt cheap too! Oh well.
One of the cool things I got today was a toy from my daughters favorite movie "Monsters Inc", that would have been an arm and a leg off of an auction site but was only 3 bucks there. This was a  great find that made my kidd-o's day:) Maybe when shes grown she'll also like going to places like this as a pass time activity and find the fun in the scavenger hunt that's a swap meet.

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