Monday, May 15, 2017

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless 220 Review pt 2

After my fail with L'oreal True Match I went back to give the Maybelline Fit Me a second chance.
This time I picked up shade 220 from the matte and poreless line.
It's equivalent to MAC's nc30/35.
I went off a youtubers recommendation for what shade they wear.
This shade is a bit lighter than my color complexion, and know during summer this shade will be way too light when I'm tanner.
As of right now during spring it's still an ok shade with some light bronzer to darken it a little.

(Natural lighting. No primer, with translucent setting powder. And yeah my skin is dry😣 right now even though I have super oily skin)

In natural lighting you can't tell that the shade isn't a true match, but with flash it's super obvious.

At 7 dollars a bottle(cvs) It's not bad in price range at all. Color match isn't too bad. Staying power was a good 6 hrs. Blotted my face after and there was slight transfer but the foundation still looked ok.
As of right I do recommend it.

I'll continue to use and will update review.

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