Thursday, March 9, 2017

MAC Studio Tech Compact Foundation Review

I went into MAC and accidentally bought this Studio Tech Foundation compact thinking it was my beloved Pro Longwear Compact (that last night I found is discontinued 😭).
Got matched to NC35 which looks like a perfect match to my skintone. Was stoked and couldn't wait to take it home and try it out for a whole days wear in the future.
First day trying it I opened the foil off the foundation that keeps it fresh

On first impression I thought ok I'll just use my sponge to apply it like I did with my prior compact.
Let me just say this foundation is super greasy! I'm talking like wet lotion being slathered on your face. It just slide right on, did not have to try hard to apply it.
I don't like applying a setting powder the first couple times I'm trying a new foundation. I do it to see how well it does on its own.
MAC online claims that it's for all skin types. Nope.
PASS if you have oily skin!!!
Here's a picture of me only after 2 hours of wear. I look shiny, greasy, and streaky.

(Don't mind the crazy eye🙄)

Unedited, no filter, and in natural light. If I'm paying $35 for a foundation that claims is for all skin types and makes your skin look worse what is the point? Returning asap. 
MAC bring back the Pro Longwear Compact. That formula actually worked 10 times better than this formula!

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